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About Us

Rooftop Solar is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, focused on offering more Aussies with clean energy solutions at an affordable price. We are dedicated to maximising renewable energy sources and develop a more healthier and sustainable future for our fellow Australians. It is a crucial year for Australians to act now as the government incentives are dropping every year. It is the best time to get solar and start cutting electricity costs. At Rooftop solar, we extend our hand for a more accessible, affordable and suitable solar system for your home. By generating power directly from the sunlight rather than the use of fossil fuels, our goal is to help you reduce the greenhouse gas emissions as well as use a more affordable source of energy to generate your own electrical power for FREE- it's a win win situation. Our professional and experienced solar specialists will dedicate their time to your solar system so it is a quick and efficient process for you. All of the systems, mounting and inverters we use are of top quality and are approved by the Clean Energy Council for Australian Standards. So make the switch and install with Rooftop Solar.

Our Promise

It is our promise to deliver best solar solutions suited to your demands, with the assistance of our highly qualified and knowledgeable experts keeping you informed throughout your solar saving journey. We strongly believe you will enjoy your experience with us.